Effect of zinc on the uptake of various elements into carrot

T. Ozaki, S. Ambe, S. Enomoto, Y. Minai, Y. Makide



The effect of ZnCl2 on the uptake of Be, Na, Mn, Co, Zn, Se, Rb, Sr, Rh, Cs and lanthanoids (Ce, Pm, Gd and Lu) by carrot (Daucas carota cv. U.S. harumakigosun) was investigated. Uptake was measured using a multitracer technique which enables to acquire information about various elements under identical conditions. The amount of uptake of Rb, Cs, Sr, Mn and Co, into roots decreased with increasing concentration of ZnCl2. On the other hand, little effect was observed for the uptake of Be, Se, Rh and lanthanoids. These results suggest that Rb, CS, Sr, Mn and Co competed antagonistically with Zn for the binding sites of carriers in the roots, while there was no influence on the uptake of the other elements. Uptake of Se was not influenced by Cl added as ZnCl2. It is concluded, therefore, that carrot can distinguish Se from Cl based on the physicochemical differences between these two anion species.

ジャーナルJournal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
出版ステータスPublished - 1月 1 1999

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