Functional and Molecular Characters of Cancer Stem Cells Through Development to Establishment

Said M. Afify, Ghmkin Hassan, Hiroko Ishii, Sadia Monzur, Hend M. Nawara, Amira Osman, Hagar A. Abu Quora, Mona Sheta, Maram H. Zahra, Akimasa Seno, Masaharu Seno



Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are small subpopulation sharing similar properties like normal stem such as self-renewal and differentiation potential to direct tumor growth. Last few years, scientists considered CSCs as the cause of phenotypic heterogeneity in diverse cancer types. Also, CSCs contribute to cancer metastasis and recurrence. The cellular and molecular regulators influence on the CSCs' phenotype changing their behaviors in different stages of cancer progression. CSC markers play significance roles in cancer diagnosis and characterization. We delineate the cross-talks between CSCs and the tumor microenvironment that supports their intrinsic properties including survival, stemness, quiescence and their cellular and molecular adaptation. An insight into the markers of CSCs specific to organs is described.

ジャーナルAdvances in experimental medicine and biology
出版ステータスPublished - 2022

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