How to Reconstruct Neo-Aortic Arch Without Patch at Norwood-Sano Procedure

Shunji Sano, Peter C. Kouretas, Yasuyuki Kobayashi, Yasuhiro Kotani, Shingo Kasahara


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The Norwood procedure consists of a complex reconstruction resulting in: (1) unobstructed systemic outflow from the right ventricle to neo-aorta, (2) creation of large atrial septal defect, and (3) a controlled source of pulmonary blood flow (PBF) from the systemic circulation. The Sano modification provides the source of PBF from the right ventricle. Both procedures have advantages and disadvantages, therefore, there have been many debates regarding which procedure is better as a first stage palliation. Another ongoing debate of first stage palliation is the method of reconstruction of the neo-aorta. Aortic arch obstruction increases afterload and leads to ventricular dysfunction and tricuspid regurgitation. Recent SVR Trial identified recurrent coarctation requiring intervention in 18% of patients. We believe that another important point regarding reconstruction of the neo-aorta is the use of only native tissue and minimizing the use of inelastic patch material. Because elastic properties of the arterial tree are known to have a profound influence on ventricular function, arterial elasticity may therefore be of particular importance to those patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. During the past 20 years, we have modified our original technique of aortic arch reconstruction. Proximal arch plication and creation of elongated flaps of the main pulmonary artery are 2 of our recent modifications which facilitate neo-aortic reconstruction with native tissue. We describe a technique where direct anastomosis of neo-aorta is achieved with avoidance of foreign material in a majority of our patients.

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