Impact of disorder on the superconducting phase diagram in BaFe2(As1−xPx)2

Yuta Mizukami, Marcin Konczykowski, Kohei Matsuura, Tatsuya Watashige, Shigeru Kasahara, Yuji Matsuda, Takasada Shibauchi


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In many classes of unconventional superconductors, the question of whether the superconductivity is enhanced by the quantum-critical fluctuations on the verge of an ordered phase remains elusive. One of the most direct ways of addressing this issue is to investigate how the superconducting dome traces a shift of the ordered phase. Here, we study how the phase diagram of the iron-based superconductor BaFe2(As1xPx)2 changes with disorder via electron irradiation, which keeps the carrier concentrations intact. With increasing disorder, we find that the magneto-structural transition is suppressed, indicating that the critical concentration is shifted to the lower side. Although the superconducting transition temperature Tc is depressed at high concentrations (x ≳ 0:28), it shows an initial increase at lower x. This implies that the superconducting dome tracks the shift of the antiferromagnetic phase, supporting the view of the crucial role played by quantum-critical fluctuations in enhancing superconductivity in this iron-based high-Tc family.

ジャーナルjournal of the physical society of japan
出版ステータスPublished - 8月 15 2017

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