Measuring the near-target neutron field of a D–D fusion facility with the novel NCT-WES spectrometer

R. Bedogni, A. Calamida, A. Fontanilla, A. I. Castro Campoy, T. Napolitano, C. Cantone, E. Mafucci, V. Monti, S. Altieri, J. M. Gomez-Ros, M. Pillon, A. Pietropaolo


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A new directional neutron spectrometer called NCT-WES (Neutron Capture Therapy Wide Energy Spectrometer) was recently developed within the INFN ENTER_BNCT project. This device constitutes a more compact and portable alternative to state-of-the-art directional neutron spectrometers. The device was used for the first time to characterise the near-target field produced by an accelerator-driven D–D fusion neutron source. NCT-WES operates as a “parallelised” Bonner spheres spectrometer, embedding six semiconductor-based thermal neutron detectors in a cylindrical moderator. Owing on a cylindrical collimating aperture, the device exhibits sharply directional response. To account for the non-uniform irradiation condition experienced in the near-target field, a dedicated NCT-WES response matrix was developed. The neutron spectrum at 0 from the D–D neutron target, determined by means of the FRUIT unfolding code, is coherent with that previously derived with Bonner spheres. NCT-WES proved to be a promising device for angular spectrometric characterisation of neutron-emitting targets.

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出版ステータスPublished - 7月 2022

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