Numerical Simulation on Magnetic Field Generated by Screening Current in 10-T-Class REBCO Coil

Hiroshi Ueda, Yohei Imaichi, Tao Wang, Atsushi Ishiyama, So Noguchi, Sadanori Iwai, Hiroshi Miyazaki, Taizo Tosaka, Shunji Nomura, Tsutomu Kurusu, Shinichi Urayama, Hidenao Fukuyama


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In a REBCO superconducting magnet for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications, the large screening current induced by a magnetic field perpendicular to the winding tape is a serious problem: it generates irregular magnetic field that deteriorates the spatial field homogeneity and temporal field stability in MRI applications. Therefore, we need to estimate the magnetic field generated by the screening current using electromagnetic field analysis to design and develop a REBCO magnet that generates highly accurate and stable magnetic field. Therefore, to examine the influence of the magnetic field generated by the screening current, we constructed cryocooler-cooled small bore-coil stacked pancake REBCO coils with an inner diameter of 50 mm. This coil generates a magnetic field of 10 T at the center. In this study, we report the evaluation of the current distribution and magnetic field in the REBCO coil using the developed 3-D numerical simulation code for electromagnetic field analysis in a REBCO tape using the finite-element method and fast multipole method. The numerical results agree well with the experimental results. Furthermore, we discuss the current distribution in the REBCO tape and the spatial and temporal behavior of the magnetic field on the basis of the results of the experiments and numerical simulation.

ジャーナルIEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
出版ステータスPublished - 6月 2016

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