Pelvic ring reconstruction with the double-barreled vascularized fibular free flap

Minora Sakuraba, Yoshiro Kimata, Hideo Iida, Yasuo Beppu, Hirokazu Chuman, Akira Kawai


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Background: Although hemipelvectomy has been the standard treatment for malignant tumors of the pelvis, limb salvage surgery is now the treatment of choice, even for patients with advanced tumors. For these patients, pelvic reconstruction is needed to maintain the stability of the pelvis and the spinal column and to allow ambulation. In this report, the authors' experiences with pelvic ring reconstruction are described. Methods: Pelvic ring reconstruction with free double-barreled vascularized fibular grafts was performed after resection of malignant pelvic tumors in five patients. The graft was fixed with a fixation plate and screws in three patients and with the Cotrel-Dubousset rod system in two patients. After surgery, perioperative and postoperative findings were evaluated. Results: In one patient, a pedicled rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap was transferred to repair defects of the skin and underlying soft tissue. The free fibular graft was transferred successfully in four of five patients; however, the graft was removed in one patient because of infection with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. After surgery, three of the four patients with successful grafts could walk with full weight bearing and without a cane; the fourth patient died as a result of multiple metastases to the lung before walking was attempted. Conclusions: The double-barreled fibular graft is well vascularized and can achieve satisfactory bone union. It is a safe and effective method for reconstructing the pelvic ring. Furthermore, the Cotrel-Dubousset rod system can provide rigid fixation soon after surgery and is useful for early rehabilitation of walking.

ジャーナルPlastic and reconstructive surgery
出版ステータスPublished - 10月 2005

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