Polymer/carbon nanotube composites: Challenges and opportunities

Satish Kumar, Tao Liu, T. V. Sreekumar, Tetsuya Uchida, Xiefei Zhang, Young Bin Park


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Due to their exceptional mechanical, physical, thermal, optical, and electrical properties, carbon nanotubes and especially single wall carbon nanotubes are playing a critical role in the development of high-performance polymer composites. Polymer/carbon nanotube composites are processed into films, fibers, and bulk composites with significant mechanical and physical property enhancements. Single wall carbon nanotubes have high specific surface area, which can be further increased in activated carbon/single wall carbon nanotube composites. Such composite systems are promising candidates for supercapacitor applications. While single wall carbon nanotubes offer outstanding opportunities in materials development, many of the predicted properties can be achieved only if the nanotubes are well dispersed, exfoliated, and oriented in the polymer systems of interest. Currently, research is in progress addressing these issues in conjunction with the processing and characterization of polymer/carbon nanotube composites.

ジャーナルInternational SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition (Proceedings)
出版ステータスPublished - 2004
イベント49th International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition: Materials and Processing Technology - 60 Years of SAMPE Progress, SAMPE 2004 - Long Beach, CA
継続期間: 5月 16 20045月 20 2004

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