The 3rd Conference on Asian Trends in Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy.

Hideyuki Akaza, Seiji Naito, Shu Jen Chang, Kuang Kuo Chen, Christopher Cheng, Han Yong Choi, Tomoaki Fujioka, Shiro Hinotsu, Yoshihiko Hirao, Sung Joon Hong, Choung Soo Kim, Wun Jae Kim, Sang Eun Lee, Masaru Murai, Osamu Ogawa, Joung Sik Rim, Doddy M. Soebadi, Jae Mann Song, Taiji Tsukamoto, Rainy UmbasMichiyuki Usami, Shujie Xia, Chi Rei Yang, Jin Han Yoon, Liqun Zhou


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From its inception in 2001, the Conference on Asian Trends in Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy has served as an annual forum for Asian urologists to compare data on prostate cancer and to discuss issues regarding the use of hormone therapy. The 3rd conference, held in Tokyo in December 2003, began with participants from China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan presenting QOL data deriving from a survey of patients with prostate cancer. For this purpose, each country translated the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Prostate (FACT-P) questionnaire into its own language. Although the surveys conducted in each country included a heterogeneous cohort of patients and gave very mixed results, the trial of FACT-P in Asian countries seemed propitious and in future may provide insights that could prove beneficial to patients. Day 2 of the conference included 2 discussions, focusing on the most appropriate number of biopsy cores and the implementation of prospective trials involving the collaboration of Asian countries, respectively. In the latter discussion, although a varied assortment of proposals were put forth, the participants generally agreed that any collaborative study must be a prospective outcome study conducted in a relatively short time not exceeding 2-3 years, and that patient registration should be done using the Internet.

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