The Dynamic Characteristics on the Wall Traveling of the HTS Bulk Superconducting Actuator

M. Sawae, S. B. Kim, S. Ozasa, H. Nakano, H. Kobayashi



The electric device applications of a high temperature superconducting (HTS) bulk having stable levitation and suspension properties due to their strong flux pinning force have been proposed and developed. We have been investigating the three-dimensional (3-D) superconducting actuator using HTS bulk to develop the transportation device with non-contact and moves in free space. It is expected that our proposed 3-D superconducting actuator to be useful as a transporter used in clean room which manufactures the silicon wafer where dislikes mechanical contact and dust. Proposed the actuator consists of a field-cooled HTS bulk for mover and two-dimensional arranged multiple electromagnets as a stator. In our previous study, the dynamic characteristics on the floor traveling of the HTS bulk mover had been studied. Therefore in this study, a system for the wall traveling was proposed to use the limited space effectively. It is expected that the wall traveling system is very useful to apply the transporter used in the tunnels which flammable gas may be produced. In this paper, the optimal angle between electromagnets located at floor and wall for moving to the wall traveling from the floor traveling was investigated experimentally. The position displacement on the rotating of the HTS bulk during the wall traveling was measured. As a result, the bulk with initial gap of 2 mm could move to the wall traveling from the floor traveling. Also, the position displacement on the height direction during the rotating of the HTS bulk was 18 mm from the initial position because of its gravity,but it was possible to rotate by changing the pattern NSNS of the trapped magnetic field in near the initial position.

ジャーナルPhysics Procedia
出版ステータスPublished - 2015
イベント27th International Symposium on Superconductivity, ISS 2014 - Tokyo
継続期間: 11月 25 201411月 27 2014

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